Platform features


Here are some discussions about platform features highlighted by experts in different podcasts:

  1. Feature Stores and Platforms: talks about the evolution of feature platforms from stores to comprehensive platforms that solve data pipeline issues. The discussion highlights the operational challenges and how platforms like Tecton are integral to simplifying these processes for companies like Google and Uber 1.

  2. Social Audio and Podcast Creation: discusses with the transformation of social audio into streamlined podcast creation. They note the significance of features that make podcasting accessible, such as automatic RSS feed generation and streamlined post-production processes 2.

  3. Podcasting 2.0 Features: explores new features like podcast transcripts and personalized tags for hosts and guests within podcast feeds. These features are supported by smaller indie apps, promoting richer engagement and followability across different podcasts 3.

    Feature Platforms Unveiled

    Join Mike and Josh as they delve into the world of feature platforms, discussing the evolution from feature stores, the importance of operationalizing data pipelines, and the future of these platforms. Don't miss out on their insightful conversation!

    The Future of Feature Stores and Platforms // Mike Del Balso & Josh Wills // # 186
  4. Spontaneous Audio Platforms: Marco Arment and discuss the impact of spontaneous audio platforms like Clubhouse, emphasizing the ease they bring to creating audio content without the need for video management, catering especially to those who prefer not to be on camera 4.

  5. Monetization and Content Management: , CEO of Substack, discusses integrating basic podcasting features to keep content creators within their ecosystem, highlighting challenges with platforms like YouTube and the potential of paywalls for monetizing content effectively 5.

These clips represent a variety of expert perspectives on evolving platform features aimed at enhancing content creation, management, and user engagement.