Jordan Harbinger discusses the concept of variability in several contexts. One notable conversation is with Daniel Kahneman, where they delve into the idea of 'noise' and 'variability.' Kahneman explains that variability can be beneficial in evolutionary contexts, like animals adapting and surviving over time because of genetic diversity. However, in decision-making processes like judicial rulings or medical opinions, variability can be harmful and is referred to as 'noise'— unwanted variability that doesn't produce better outcomes 1 .

This differentiation between beneficial variability and detrimental noise highlights that while variability can drive positive change and adaptation in some situations, it can lead to inconsistency and error in others, particularly where uniformity is expected or necessary.

Noise and Variability

Jordan and Daniel discuss the role of algorithms in decision-making and how variability can be beneficial in some situations, but detrimental in others. They explore the definition of noise and how it differs from variability, as well as the importance of feedback mechanisms in producing better outcomes.

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518: Daniel Kahneman | When Noise Destroys Our Best of Choices