The term "mappings" encompasses various context-specific usages including data science, cartography, fitness, entrepreneurial research, and psychedelic medicine studies. Below are the various contexts in which mappings were discussed:

  1. Data Science and Cartography:

    • from MIT discusses the interdisciplinary nature of maps, blending science, art, and design into cartography. They highlight the role maps play in visualizing statistical relationships which affects planning and urban studies [1 ].
  2. Psychedelic Studies:

    • The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) focuses on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and marijuana. Founded by , the organization strives through scientific research to mainstream these substances for therapeutic use [2 ].
  3. Fitness Programs:

    • The MAPS fitness products discussed by from the Mind Pump Media and Mind Pump Podcast include various fitness training programs tailored to different needs such as beginners and professionals wanting to incorporate resistance training into their regimes [3 ].

      Mapping Insights

      Catherine shares her journey from software programming to data science, emphasizing the fusion of art and design in maps. The discussion delves into the interdisciplinary nature of maps, blending science and creativity to create impactful visual representations.

      Mindscape Podcast

      Mindscape 156 | Catherine D’Ignazio on Data, Objectivity, and Bias
  4. Linguistic Analysis:

    • talks about complex semantic mappings in the field of linguistics, focusing on how words relate within language based on their usage, framing this within the realm of artificial intelligence and language models [4 ].
  5. Entrepreneurial Insight and Technological Evolution:

    • James Wu, discussing Google Maps, highlights the importance of comprehensive data collection and continuous user feedback in refining and evolving mapping technology for services like Google and Apple Maps [5 ].

These examples illustrate the broad utility and application of the concept of mappings across different fields, emphasizing their importance in data visualization, scientific research, fitness, linguistics, and technology.