What are questioner tendencies?


In the context of personality traits, "questioner tendencies" refer to a core inclination to question everything, particularly rules and expectations. People with this tendency typically resist what they perceive as arbitrary regulations and need valid reasons for any action or rule before they comply. For example, they may dispute a speed limit because they deem it arbitrary, arguing that different drivers should have different speed limits based on their driving abilities. This questioning mindset extends beyond just rules; it includes any directive or expectation. Such individuals can be more challenging to persuade due to their inherent need for justification and understanding 1.

Questioner Tendencies

Gretchen Rubin explains how questioners have a core tendency to question everything and how this tendency can tip towards upholder, rebel, or obliger tendencies. She also shares how some questioners have trouble with arbitrary rules and how they need to know the reason behind them. Jonathan Mendosa shares a personal story about how his brain broke when he was asked to sign a form in blue ink.


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