What is "winning too much"?


"Winning too much" refers to a common issue among high achievers where their drive to win permeates all aspects of their life. This behavior is characterized by the desire to be right or successful in every situation, regardless of the importance or relevance. The term was discussed by Shane Parrish who, quoting Marshall Goldsmith, suggested that even in trivial, meaningless, or inconsequential situations, a person who tends to "win too much" always seeks to come out on top. Goldsmith highlighted that this urge to win can be detrimental, especially when transitioning to leadership roles, where collaboration and adaptability become more crucial than merely being right or best 1 .

Transitioning to Leadership

Marshall explains the challenges of transitioning from being an individual achiever to a leader. He emphasizes the importance of working through others and letting go of the need to always be right and smart. He also discusses the common problem of "winning too much" and provides case studies to illustrate this issue.

The Knowledge Project

Lessons from a Life of Leadership | Marshall Goldsmith | Knowledge Project 142