How complex are internet payments?


Internet payments are complex due to their reliance on multiple, often dated, technology stacks and the integration challenges they present. As discussed in the , the complexity mainly arises from the need to blend various established protocols like HTTPS, SMTP, and others, which were not initially designed for financial transactions, with modern payment systems like Stripe. This situation creates a "complex ball of yarn" that continually requires innovative solutions to stay effective and secure 1.

Adding to the complexity, internet payments must navigate an evolving landscape of financial regulations, involve partnerships with financial institutions, manage risks, and ensure compliance on a global scale. As emphasized by from Stripe, these multifaceted challenges dissuade many technology companies from entering the payment service domain, despite the apparent need for better solutions 2.

Moreover, every region has its distinct payment systems and regulations, which further complicates the creation of uniform, global payment solutions 3.

Internet Payments Complexity

Explore the challenges of navigating the complex world of internet payments amidst the financial crisis and evolving protocols, with insights from David and Ben.