Eccentric movements are emphasized in strength training for their ability to develop muscle strength and size. However, they typically require longer recovery times and can lead to increased muscle soreness compared to concentric movements. This enhanced soreness is often due to disruptions such as calcium disruption within the muscle cells, rather than microtrauma from tears 1.

Muscle soreness from eccentric exercise isn't necessarily from damage, but more from the intense force output and intracellular disruptions these movements cause. This adds to the understanding of muscle soreness, indicating that it's more about these disruptions rather than outright muscle fiber damage.

Eccentric Movements

Andy and Andrew discuss the benefits of eccentric movements for strength development and hypertrophy, but caution that they can lead to more soreness than concentric movements. They also explain that muscle soreness is often caused by disruption of calcium, rather than microtrauma.

Huberman Lab

Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Strength, Muscle Size & Endurance | Huberman Lab Podcast #65