In an episode of "", shared a story about an experience related to exhibitionism. The office next door, rented by a soft-core porn company for nude photography, was visible through the windows, leading to distraction and discomfort among his employees, including a 65-year-old Catholic woman who would react by making the sign of the cross. This anecdote highlights the challenges and unexpected situations that can arise in professional environments due to activities perceived as exhibitionistic 1.

AI and Porn

Sam and Shaan discuss AI and its potential applications, including in the porn industry. Sam shares a hilarious story about a Breather rental next door to his office that was used by a nude photography company. Despite the distraction, they both agree that AI is an exciting field to invest in.

My First Million

9 Business Ideas To Profit From The 2022 A.I. Gold Rush (Using Dall-E & GPT3) (#376)