interdisciplinary work

Here are some podcasts that often feature discussions on interdisciplinary work:

  1. [The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast](podcast

    Jordan B. Peterson Podcast){sid=feed_242}

    • Host: [Jordan Peterson](person
    • Description: Covers a wide array of topics including psychology, philosophy, politics, religion, and cultural issues with a diverse range of influential thinkers.
  2. a16z Podcast){sid=feed_3}

    • Description: Focuses on technology and startups, exploring trends in AI, autonomous vehicles, and various cutting-edge topics with industry leaders, founders, and thinkers.
  3. [The Jordan Harbinger Show](podcast

    Jordan Harbinger Show){sid=feed_36}

    • Host: [Jordan Harbinger](person
    • Description: Delves into the human psyche, personal development, and social dynamics with a variety of guests including authors, scientists, and entrepreneurs.
  4. and Threads){sid=feed_250}

    • Host: Ron Minsky
    • Description: A technical podcast delving into performance engineering, programming, operating systems, and other technology topics.
  5. Radio Hour){sid=feed_260}

    • Host: [Manoush Zomorodi](person
    • Description: Explores a wide range of ideas and inventions, with a variety of guests including scientists, authors, and storytellers.

These podcasts cover a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary topics, engaging with experts from various fields to explore complex issues and provide insights into the interconnectedness of knowledge across different disciplines.