What is the Plan B test?


The Plan B test is a decision-making tool designed to evaluate one's options and assess risk tolerance when considering significant life changes or decisions. Shane Parrish discusses this concept on "The Knowledge Project" podcast, highlighting its use in deciding whether or not to pursue a certain path. Specifically, it involves mentally picturing your worst-case scenario and assessing your comfort level with that scenario. This helps in determining what actions you might take if your primary plan fails, thereby gauging whether the potential failure is something you can handle 1 .

Work and Regrets

Shane and Neil discuss the importance of work and how it contributes to our lives. They also talk about evaluating opportunities and making decisions based on the deathbed and Plan B tests. The number one regret of the dying is not living the life they wanted to, which is why it's important to consider what you'll regret not doing more. Having a Plan B in mind can also help you make the leap towards your goals.

The Knowledge Project

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