What are unique conversations?


Here are two unique conversations from the that delve into intriguing and thought-provoking topics:

  1. The Power of Metabolomics
    In an episode with Dr. Peter Attia, discusses the field of metabolomics, which examines metabolites like glucose, lactate, and acetylCoA to understand their roles in various physiological states such as exercise. Metabolomics could potentially identify novel molecules that replicate some benefits of exercise, offering new treatments for conditions like diabetes. This conversation opens up perspectives on how deep biological insights can influence health interventions and lifestyle choices 1.

  2. Reshaping Neural Circuitry with Psychedelics
    and Dr. Matthew Johnson explore how psychedelics like MDMA and Psilocybin can dramatically reshape neural circuitry and aid in treating mental disorders like PTSD. This discussion not only emphasizes the profound impact of such experiences on the brain but also challenges the effectiveness of language alone in altering our neural networks. Instead, they argue that real, perceptual experiences facilitated by neuromodulators like serotonin and dopamine are key to lasting psychological change 2.

    The Power of Metabolomics

    Peter discusses the potential of metabolomics in understanding the physiologic states of exercise and finding small molecules that can replicate some of the protective benefits of exercise for treating other disease states like diabetes.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr. Peter Attia: Exercise, Nutrition, Hormones for Vitality & Longevity | Huberman Lab Podcast #85