Warren Buffett's investment approach?


Jim O'Shaughnessy offers insights into Warren Buffett's investment approach, emphasizing the importance of adhering to principles that are "approximately true on average over time". He mentions how Warren Buffett values patience, sticking to a robust investment strategy of buying undervalued stocks even when the market behaves irrationally. This principle, O'Shaughnessy agrees, is a robust way to approach investing because over time, it tends to yield positive results despite temporary market inefficiencies or anomalies 1.

Investing Principles

William Green and Jim O'Shaughnessy discuss the importance of adhering to principles that are approximately true on average over time in both investing and life. They highlight the power of buying undervalued stocks and the need for patience and courage to stick to a robust investment strategy.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.102 — Lessons for Life and Investing w/ William Green