Silicon-based life


Lex Fridman and his guests have discussed the concept of silicon-based life forms, particularly in the context of physics and its implications beyond Earth. Jim Gates, an American theoretical physicist, elaborated on this topic in a conversation with Lex. Gates suggested that the laws of physics might allow for life forms that are not carbon-based, such as silicon-based life, under specific conditions. This idea stems from the similarities in how elements like carbon and silicon interact with other elements due to their electronic structures. Science fiction often explores silicon-based life, positioning it as a viable alternative to carbon-based life under the right environmental conditions 1.

Life Beyond Carbon

Jim explains how the laws of physics can create life forms beyond carbon-based life, like silicon-based life forms, if the conditions are right.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Jim Gates: Supersymmetry, String Theory and Proving Einstein Right | Lex Fridman Podcast #60