What mistake did Jeremiah make?


Jeremiah Lowin highlighted the concept of "original mistakes" in the podcast episode "Ep.130 — Make Original Mistakes w/ Jeremiah Lowin" on the "Infinite Loops 2022" podcast. He expressed appreciation for an early investor who emphasized that while making mistakes is expected, the goal should be to make original mistakes. Jeremiah appreciated this perspective because simply repeating the same mistakes that others have made does not bring any return on investment; these kinds of mistakes could be obtained from any other company 1 .

Original Mistakes

Jeremiah and Jim discuss the importance of making original mistakes as a startup founder and how encountering and fixing mistakes is a crucial skill set for success. They also touch on the joint financial incentive of investors and founders and how it can enhance the desire to maximize outcomes.

Infinite Loops 2022

Ep.130 — Make Original Mistakes w/ Jeremiah Lowin