How does hacking work?


Hacking can be applied in various nefarious ways, manipulating systems and causing disruptions on a grand scale. According to Jordan Harbinger's discussion with Ryan Montgomery, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in air traffic management systems to spoof aircraft IDs and create illusions of non-existent flights. This can lead to severe consequences, like simulating an airplane threat near sensitive locations, potentially triggering military responses and causing public panic. These activities use accessible technologies like the ADSB system, demonstrating how relatively simple tools can leverage significant disruptions if used maliciously 1 .

Such hacking capabilities underscore the potential for significant misuse in sensitive operational areas, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures against such threats.

Hacker Chaos

Discover the terrifying potential of hackers manipulating aircraft IDs and causing chaos near airports and buildings. Learn about the ease with which criminals can create panic using simple consumer devices.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

851: Ryan Montgomery | The Hacker Who Hunts Child Predators Part One