Can ARBs reduce COVID-19 severity?


Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs) have been examined for their potential to reduce the severity of COVID-19. Rhonda Patrick discussed this in the context of regulating the ACE2 receptors, which are critical for the virus's entry into cells. ARBs might increase ACE2 levels and counteract the decreased ACE2 that exacerbates the disease. Studies suggest that, particularly in high-risk populations such as those with chronic diseases or the elderly, ARBs may lower the severity of COVID-19. However, more data is still needed to confirm these observations 1.

Ace Inhibitors and ARBs

Rhonda explains the relationship between Ace Two receptors and COVID-19 severity, and discusses the potential benefits of using Ace inhibitors and ARBs to reduce the risk of severe disease. While more data is needed, these drugs may provide increased protection from severe COVID-19 cases.

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