Life Benefits


Brad Barrett has discussed various life benefits in his podcast, including financial and health perspectives:

  1. Life Insurance for Special Needs Children: Brad highlights the benefits of whole life insurance over term insurance for parents of special needs children. A whole life policy ensures that funds are available for the child's lifetime, providing necessary financial support even after the parents' passing 1.

  2. Exercise and Financial Longevity: Regular exercise not only contributes to physical health but also extends financial opportunities by potentially lengthening one's health span. This increased longevity allows one to work longer, save more, and enhance overall financial stability. Brad emphasizes the importance of focusing on health as a crucial component of financial planning, advocating for a balanced approach that considers health, wealth, and happiness 2.

    Life Insurance Insights

    William explains how whole life insurance can be beneficial for parents with special needs children, as they will always need support. However, for most people, term life insurance is the clear winner as they have more control over their investments and assets. The decision between the two types of insurance depends on individual circumstances.


    108 | Setting up a Special Needs Trust