Importance of set and setting?


Jim O'Shaughnessy emphasizes the critical importance of 'set and setting' — the mindset of the individual and the physical or social environment — especially when engaging with psychedelics. He underlines that historically, psychedelic experiences were often mediated by skilled individuals like shamans, who played a key role in ensuring safety and the right ceremonial context. Jim stresses that despite the argument for unrestricted access to psychedelics, he believes in a controlled approach where experienced guides or facilitators manage the experience to minimize risks and maximize the therapeutic or insightful potential of psychedelics 1.

Psychedelic Mediation

Jim discusses the importance of psychedelic mediation and set and setting with Jesse. They talk about how it was always a mediated experience and how the shaman played a crucial role in the ceremony. Jim also shares his experience with a shaman and how psychedelics should be available to everyone but with proper mediation.

Infinite Loops 2023

American Alchemy | Jesse Michels | Episode 145