Persuasive techniques


Persuasion techniques were thoroughly discussed in the "My First Million" podcast, covering areas such as storytelling, door-to-door sales, and psychological principles. Here are some key insights:

  1. Storytelling:

    • Using conflict to maintain engagement is crucial. The "but therefore" method from the South Park creators introduces obstacles in a story to make it intriguing by replacing "ands" with "buts" and "therefores" 1.
  2. Door-to-Door Sales:

    • When approaching a door, positioning oneself to appear non-threatening and framing oneself as a local rather than a stranger helps build rapport.
    • The objective is to get invited inside, as being inside significantly increases the chances of making a sale.
    • Once inside, relate the pitch to the homeowner’s context and needs, like discussing after-school education when selling educational materials 2 3.

      Mastering Storytelling Techniques

      Jenny shares the power of the "but therefore" method in storytelling, emphasizing the importance of introducing conflict to keep the audience engaged. By replacing "ands" with "buts," any narrative can instantly become more captivating and dynamic.

      My First Million

      The Formula To Break 100 Million Views On Shorts (ft/ Jenny Hoyos)
  3. Psychological Principles:

    • Foot-in-the-door: Start with a small request to increase the likelihood of agreeing to a larger one later.
    • Reciprocity: Doing a favor increases the chance the person will return the favor, which can be leveraged to gain larger commitments later 4.
  4. Copywriting:

    • Emotional and benefit-driven copy is more effective. Compare generic and emotionally engaging websites to illustrate how good copy can make a significant impact 5.

These methods show both the art and science behind persuading and influencing others effectively.