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features hosts and discussing a range of topics including entrepreneurial success stories, the value of quantity over quality, and the resilience needed in various business ventures.

Key highlights include:

  • True Crime Podcast Success: Sam describes the success of a true crime podcast network that grew rapidly by focusing on quantity, leading to its acquisition by Spotify for $50 million. The network produced 16 shows with 100 million downloads in two years, eventually scaling to 40 shows by 2019 1 2.

  • Airbnb Job Miss: Sam shares a personal story about almost getting a job at Airbnb, reflecting on missed opportunities and the difficult path he faced during that period 3.

    True Crime Dominance

    Sam discusses the success of a true crime podcast that dominates search results despite having a small social media following. He compares it to Family Guy and emphasizes the power of a volume play. The podcast was acquired for $54 million.

    My First Million

    This Family Made $100M+ From COVID!! (#423)
  • Lessons From Hustling: The hosts emphasize the importance of prioritizing quantity in content production and entrepreneurship. Sam mentions that his approach with The Hustle was to pump out a high volume of blog posts, which he believes was more effective than focusing purely on quality 4.

  • Alternative Learning Methods: Shaan proposes innovative ways of learning business skills outside traditional education systems, like growing an audience or flipping items for profit. Sam humorously recalls being forced to take a seemingly pointless aerobic walking class in college 5.

  • Trash Business Ideas: The hosts explore unconventional business ideas like a power washing service for trash cans and a junk removal franchise, discussing their potential and the challenges they might face 6.

  • Cultural Work Ethics: Shaan and Sam talk about their diverse backgrounds and experiences growing up, which shaped their work ethics and views on bringing your whole self to work 7.

The episode provides insights into how to seize opportunities, scale quickly, and think outside the box in business ventures.