Boys Club hubs

Here are some podcasts that might align with the concept of "Boys Club hubs," focusing on themes and discussions that typically have a male-centric audience or are discussed predominantly from a male perspective:

  1. ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting: This podcast is likely tailored to those interested in outdoor activities and hunting, a theme that often appeals to a male audience. It features hosts like Gilbert Ornelas, Joe Giglia, and Leroy Chavez.

  2. Naval: Hosted by Naval Ravikant, the 'Naval' podcast dives into topics such as technology, wealth creation, and personal happiness. Its discussions on leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and technology may also resonate with a largely male audience.

  3. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast: Led by Jordan Peterson, this podcast covers a wide range of topics such as psychology, philosophy, and gender issues. Dr. Peterson's discussions often explore themes related to personal responsibility, societal structure, and masculinity.

  4. 2Bobs: With David Baker and Blair Enns, this podcast could discuss aspects of business and consultancy that might appeal traditionally to a professional male audience.

Each of these podcasts offers content that could be particularly resonant or relevant within contexts often referred to as "Boys Clubs."