Visual blind spot


Tim Ferriss discusses a technique for directly perceiving the optic blind spot as explained by Sam Harris on the "Tim Ferriss Show". Sam Harris uses it as an analogy to illustrate how some religious doctrines deny the existence of the blind spot, emphasizing the transformative potential of recognizing this blind spot. The technique involves closing one eye, staring at a cross on one side of a page while gradually moving the page closer, until the dot on the other side disappears. This simple method helps to directly experience the phenomenon of the blind spot 1.

Perceiving the Blind Spot

Sam Harris discusses the analogy of perceiving the blind spot and how it relates to religious doctrines. He shares a clear technique for recognizing the blind spot and emphasizes the importance of clarity in spiritual practice. Tim Ferriss listens as Sam describes his own experience of self-transcendence and the profound impact it had on his life.

Tim Ferriss Show

Sam Harris, Ph.D. — How to Master Your Mind | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)