How does Twitter affect mental health?


Twitter and other social media platforms can significantly impact mental health, both positively and negatively. According to , the engagement on social media tends to provide a dopamine hit which can lead to a negative spiral of emotions. Frequent users may experience anger and frustration, often without meaningful resolution, which can even lead to career-threatening situations due to impulsive or inappropriate responses on these platforms 1.

Despite these challenges, there are discussions about the potential of creating AI systems that could help users navigate social media in healthier ways. Such systems could provide personalized experiences on platforms like Twitter, encouraging growth and happiness by filtering out negative interactions and promoting positive ones 2.

Ultimately, while social media can foster connection and provide valuable information exchanges, it also harbors risks of negative emotional experiences, which can be amplified without careful usage or moderation.

Social Media Anger

Andrew Huberman and Jocko discuss the negative effects of social media, particularly the anger and dopamine hits that come from mean-spirited comments. They highlight the potential career-ending consequences of insensitive tweets and the lack of foresight displayed by some individuals.

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