Is Twitter driving people crazy?


Lex Fridman discussed the impact of Twitter on mental health during an episode of his podcast. He and Greg Lukianoff talked about Twitter as a platform that reveals raw aspects of humanity and noted its unique nature in terms of speed and virality of information sharing. However, they also highlighted the potential detrimental effects on mental health, suggesting that the platform can lead to significant stress, especially among young people. They pointed out how the constant exposure to social media might be contributing negatively to mental health issues 1.

Twitter's Impact

Greg and Lex discuss the unique nature of Twitter as a platform that reveals raw aspects of humanity, the battle over information, and its impact on mental health. They explore the virality and speed at which news, opinions, and lies travel, and the need to occasionally disconnect from social media for the sake of mental well-being.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Greg Lukianoff: Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Censorship & Free Speech | Lex Fridman Podcast #397