Endurance Performance


The hosts of the Mind Pump Podcast have discussed various aspects of supporting endurance performance, particularly focusing on resistance training for endurance athletes. Here are the key insights:

  1. Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes:

    • Endurance athletes should include resistance training to support their sports performance. It builds muscle to better handle the repetitive stresses of endurance sports like running, cycling, or swimming. By strengthening the body, athletes can improve overall endurance and reduce the risk of injury 1.
  2. Frequency and Type of Training:

    • Endurance athletes typically do not require heavy resistance training routines. A moderate intensity resistance training session once a week is suggested to strengthen while not detracting from their endurance exercises 1 2.
    • Emphasis is placed on mobility exercises and joint support, essential for athletes who perform repetitive movements that can lead to joint wear and tear 3.

      Endurance Training Support

      Sal and Justin discuss how to support endurance training with resistance training. They highlight the importance of strength training for endurance athletes and how it can improve their performance. They also emphasize the need to focus on mobility and injury prevention to support endurance pursuits.

      Mind Pump Podcast

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  3. Adjustments Before Competitions:

    • Leading up to competitions, endurance athletes can benefit from reducing the intensity or frequency of weight training to focus more on mobility and their specific sport. This strategy helps in peaking performance at the right time 3.

These insights provide a comprehensive strategy for endurance athletes looking to optimize their training by integrating resistance training effectively, while focusing on maintaining mobility and injury prevention.