How to research for a book?


When researching for a book, various strategies can greatly enhance the depth and accuracy of your work. Jordan Harbinger and his guests have discussed different approaches:

  1. Immediate Action on Recommendations: Engage actively with resources recommended by mentors or experts in the field. If a book is recommended, read it quickly to demonstrate your seriousness and gratitude. This quick action also helps in maintaining a fresh perspective on the advice given 1.

  2. Extensive Interviews and Visits: For in-depth topics, consider conducting a large number of interviews and visiting locations pertinent to your book's subject matter. This approach was used by Nick Bilton during his research for a book on the Silk Road, where he interviewed over a hundred people and visited relevant sites to enrich his narrative and ensure factual accuracy 2.

  3. Systematic Information Organization: The organization of collected information is crucial. The process can be likened to putting together a jigsaw puzzle, where you might start with one part of the story (or chapter) and gradually build out the narrative, revising as new information becomes available. This method allows for flexibility and ensures that the narrative is cohesive and comprehensive 2.

  4. Integrated Research and Writing: Tim Urban advocates for an integrated approach to research and writing. He suggests creating a broad outline first and then conducting research for each section as you write. This approach keeps the information fresh and allows immediate exploration of insights as they are discovered. It's a dynamic process of alternating between researching, outlining, writing, and revising 3.

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These strategies, combining thorough research, expedient action on recommendations, and meticulous organization and integration of information, form a robust approach to researching for a book.