How do electrons materialize?


Electrons materialize when they interact with other objects. In a discussion with Lex Fridson, it was explained that although electrons might not have definite properties until they are measured or interact, they do exist in a form described by physicists using wave functions. This approach to understanding electrons comes from quantum mechanics, where the fundamental idea is that particles like electrons can materialize in a specific location when they collide with something. This is distinct from classical objects, which are often thought of as having a definite position without such interactions. Electrons and other particles in quantum field theory can indeed be created and destroyed, which is a phenomenon observed in experiments like those conducted at particle colliders 1.

The Existence of Electrons

Lex explores the fascinating debate around the existence of electrons and how they materialize when they interact with other objects. He discusses the interpretation of quantum mechanics and the role of wave functions in describing the properties of electrons.

Lex Fridman Podcast

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