Internet history


Jim O'Shaughnessy has shared his perspective on various aspects related to the history of the internet across different podcast episodes. Here are some key points:

  1. Early Experiences with Technology: Jim O'Shaughnessy's fascination with technology started young. He kept journals predicting the impact of technology on the future. Before the widespread internet, services like CompuServe were prominent. Users had unique numbers; earlier users had fewer numbers, indicating their early adoption 1.

  2. Internet's Role in Expanding Niche Markets: O'Shaughnessy noted how the internet allows people to succeed in niche interests. Previously, enthusiasts of specific topics were limited to local circles. Now, the internet enables global connections and opportunities—like creating successful YouTube channels or Substacks on very niche subjects 2.

  3. Tokenization and Passwords: Discussing tokenization, Jim reflected on the progression from early internet systems requiring numerous passwords to a future where everything is virtualized and seamlessly integrated through advanced encryption and the robust global internet 3.

    Curiosity and Technology

    George and Jim discuss the importance of curiosity in staying ahead of technological advancements, and the fear of losing that curiosity as they age. Jim shares his experience with technology and how he has maintained his curiosity throughout his life.

    Infinite Loops 2022

    Ep.114 — George Mack — Marketing, Mental Models, and Technology

These insights illustrate how the internet has evolved from a niche tool for the tech-savvy to a ubiquitous platform enabling diverse, global interactions and innovations.