How to introduce healthy drinks to kids?


Introducing healthy drinks to children early on can be an effective way to prevent them from developing a taste for sugary beverages. Here are some strategies shared in the Mind Pump Podcast:

  1. Use Carbonated Water: Allow children to become accustomed to beverages like carbonated water (for example, LaCroix or Bubly). This can make less sweet options more acceptable to them as they grow, making it less tempting to choose sodas when they're older 1.

  2. Incorporate Greens Drinks: Introduce specialized greens drinks designed for kids, which avoid strong adaptogens and focus on kid-friendly flavors. This can help them get used to the taste of vegetables in a more palatable way 2.

  3. Prepare Healthy Smoothies: Use frozen smoothie packs that contain healthy ingredients like collagen protein and healthy fats. These are typically well-received by children due to their fruity taste and smooth texture 3.

    Parenting and Beverages

    Adam and Justin discuss the importance of introducing children to healthy beverage options early on to prevent them from developing a taste for sugary drinks. They also touch on the dangers of marketing "healthy" juices to kids, which can actually have just as much sugar as soda.

    Mind Pump Podcast

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  4. Model Healthy Behavior: Children often emulate their parents' behavior. Avoid keeping unhealthy snacks and drinks at home. Instead, keep nutritious snacks and drinks accessible, so children will choose them by default 4.

These methods emphasize starting early and making healthy drinks a normal part of children's diets to help them develop a preference for these options naturally.