What are some strange laws?


Jordan Harbinger has discussed a number of strange laws on his show. Here are a few examples:

  1. In Kentucky, it is illegal to have chickens out on Sunday morning before noon because they were once believed to disturb church services.
  2. In Connecticut, there is an obscure law that supposedly prohibits having sex with one's spouse after 2 am.
  3. Levittown, and similar places, have had covenant laws requiring that grass be kept to a certain height, with potential consequences like fines or even jail time for non-compliance.

These examples illustrate how some laws, though not often enforced today, remain on the books due to historical or rarely cited reasons 1 2 3.

Strange Laws

Jordan and Joe discuss strange laws like not being able to have chickens out on Sunday mornings before noon in Kentucky, and the reasons behind them.

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