How did Dogfish Head innovate?


Dogfish Head innovated by strategically managing its product availability to foster brand diversity and innovation. Sam Calagione, the founder, intentionally limited the sales of their best-selling product to only 50 percent of total sales, even though it could have made up 75 to 80 percent. This controversial tactic was used to ensure that Dogfish Head was not perceived merely as an IPA brand but as a versatile and innovative brewery. This approach not only allowed the introduction of new beer styles to the market but also helped in building a brand known for innovation, eventually leading to the company being sold for 300 million 1.

Embracing Change

Jason Feifer shares the story of Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, and how he embraced change to build an innovative brand. By limiting sales of his best-selling product, Sam was able to introduce new styles of beer and build a company that became known for its innovation. Embracing change can be an opportunity for growth and success.

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