Ontological shock


Tim Ferriss introduced the concept of "ontological shock" while discussing the impact of psychedelic experiences facilitated by substances like psilocybin. He explains it as a profound, often jarring event that can occur during psychedelic sessions where individuals encounter radically new experiences of reality or states of consciousness that appear more real than usual. This can lead to difficulties in reconciling these new experiences with the mundane, everyday mode of being, which may necessitate weeks, months, or even years to fully integrate without proper guidance. In this context, ontological shock could be triggered by extreme realizations, such as the reappearance of memories related to trauma 1. Tim also mentions that addressing ontological shock can benefit from therapeutic approaches like Internal Family Systems, developed by Dick Schwartz, or the work of Byron Katie, which help in integrating such profound experiences 1.

Exploring Ontology

Dive into the fascinating world of ontology as Tim Ferriss discusses the nature of being and the challenges of reconciling new experiences with our ordinary reality. Discover the ontological shock that can occur during psychedelic sessions and the potential difficulties in readjusting without help.

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