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Nicotine is discussed by in relation to its potential neuroprotective effects on conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. He mentions that nicotine, especially in forms like Nicorette gum, is used by some neuroscientists due to its believed protective qualities against these neurodegenerative diseases. This use is tied to nicotine's ability to stimulate dopamine release. However, Huberman also notes that while there is some interest in nicotine as a cognitive enhancer, the clear protective effects through the noradrenergic and acetylcholine systems are still not definite 1.

Moreover, in another discussion, the augmentation of nicotine is considered for its potential benefits in enhancing brain healthspan, particularly through its action on acetylcholine receptors, which can lead to improved focus and neural enhancement. However, strongly cautions against forms of nicotine intake that involve smoking or vaping, suggesting alternative forms like lozenges or patches instead 2.

Nicotine's Neuroprotective Effects

Andrew discusses the potential neuroprotective effects of nicotine, citing studies that show its ability to stimulate dopamine release and potentially protect against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. However, the protective effects are still unclear and taking too much nicotine over long periods of time can have negative effects.

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