How to find your writing voice?


To discover your writing voice, it's essential to engage in activities that allow you to explore and express your thoughts. David Sawyer, a guest on the "ChooseFI" podcast, attributes finding his writing voice to starting a blog and an email newsletter. He highlights how writing in a newsletter felt like a safe space to organize his thoughts and express himself genuinely. This consistent practice not only helped him refine his style but also gave him the confidence to write a book with a distinctive, "esoteric marmite" writing style, which he describes as something you either love or hate. This approach allowed him to connect deeply with his true fans and effectively communicate his ideas 1.

Thus, starting a blog or newsletter can be a practical step toward discovering and honing your unique writing voice.

Finding Your Writing Voice

David Sawyer shares how starting a blog and email newsletter helped him find his unique writing voice, which he used to write his book with an "esoteric marmite writing style." He emphasizes the importance of affecting people and reaching true fans with your writing.


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