What is AI prompting?


AI prompting refers to the use of artificial intelligence for human-like interaction via questions and answers. Lex Fridman explained it succinctly when he highlighted that AI, like large language models, needs input (or "prompts") from users to produce outputs. It does not take actions on its own without initial questions or instructions from users. Prompting can guide AI to perform specific tasks, create content, or simulate conversations. This capability makes AI systems valuable tools for learning, discovery, and even creating complex interaction patterns that mirror human conversation 1.

Additionally, prompting is integral to how AI models, particularly large language models, can be used to drive creative and diverse outputs. The interaction with AI through prompting can spur unique responses and behaviors, similar to human interaction dynamics where the environment and prompts shape behavior 2.

AI Prompting

Matthew and Lex discuss the power of AI prompting and how it can be used for good or bad, but ultimately it's up to humans to ask the right questions. They compare it to the art of conversation and how every word can change the set of possibilities in life.

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