Why do powerlifters use steroids?


Powerlifters use steroids primarily for the strength enhancements they provide, which are crucial in their sport. and discuss that androgens, a category of steroids, have notable effects on muscle function and the central nervous system, which helps in strength gains. These steroids can improve muscle coordination and the efficiency of the nervous system, which are essential for optimal powerlifting performance 1.

Additionally, certain steroids impact crucial aspects such as CNS resilience and recovery, allowing powerlifters to train harder and recover faster. highlights that steroids like check drops are popular among powerlifters for their immediate effects on aggression and performance, enhancing their ability to handle heavier lifts and intense sessions 2.

In essence, the use of steroids in powerlifting is driven by their ability to significantly enhance strength and recovery, which are pivotal for competitive success in this sport.

Steroid Use in Powerlifting and Bodybuilding

Ben Pollack discusses the differences in steroid use between powerlifters and bodybuilders, including the reasons for using steroids and the dosages used. He also explains why powerlifters tend to use lower doses and avoid certain steroids, while bodybuilders use much higher doses.

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