What are Steve Jobs' tips for maintaining focus for entrepreneurs?


Steve Jobs' approach to maintaining focus for entrepreneurs involves several key strategies:

  1. Eliminate Excess: He emphasized the importance of focusing by eliminating excess product lines and extraneous features. This streamlined approach helped maintain clarity and efficiency in operations 1.

  2. Outsourcing for Efficiency: Jobs also transitioned from a desire to oversee every detail of production to outsourcing components such as the manufacturing of circuit boards. This decision was critical in focusing on core competencies rather than getting bogged down by every operational detail 1.

  3. Quality Over Expansion: He prioritized product quality and innovation over expanding into new markets just for the sake of growth. Jobs believed that maintaining focus on creating great products was essential for long-term success, rather than diluting efforts across multiple fronts 2.

  4. Passion and Perseverance: Jobs also stressed the importance of passion and perseverance. He believed that entrepreneurs should focus on problems they are passionate about, as this passion is necessary to sustain perseverance through challenges 3.

    Steve's Management Mantra

    Steve Jobs' management mantra was focus, as he eliminated excess product lines and cut extraneous features. He also let go of his control freak desire to manufacture products in his own factories and instead outsourced the making of everything. Jobs enforced a rigorous discipline on Apple's suppliers, showing zero tolerance for underperformance.


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These principles helped Steve Jobs maintain a clear focus and drive innovations that significantly impacted the tech industry.