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In discussing the differences between Republicans and Democrats, Yuval Noah Harari and Jordan Harbinger note that from an external perspective, the differences aren't as stark as they might seem within the context of American politics. Harari points out that both parties fundamentally agree on major principles like democracy and capitalism, though they might differ on specific policies such as taxation levels and social issues like gay rights. These differences can sometimes be exaggerated, leading to what Harari describes as a "culture war" that seems disproportionate to the actual ideological differences between the parties. This can be particularly stark when considering how much both parties have shifted over time on issues like gay rights, reflecting broader societal changes rather than deeply entrenched partisan divides 1.

Alastair Smith also discusses how different incentives and structures within the U.S. political system, like the Electoral College, can amplify differences and affect policy focus—often disproportionately benefiting states that are critical in elections, like swing states. This system can drive presidents to cater disproportionately to these areas, potentially at the expense of broader national interests 2.

These observations suggest that while Republicans and Democrats do have real differences, especially on hot-button issues, these differences are sometimes not as fundamental to their political and economic principles as the intensity of the culture wars would suggest. Moreover, systemic features of U.S. political institutions can also shape and sometimes distort how these differences play out in policy and governance.

The West's Culture War

Yuval Noah Harari discusses how the culture war in the West is tearing society apart, despite the fact that both sides agree on basic values and principles such as freedom, democracy, and equality. He emphasizes the need for unity in order to address critical global issues like climate change and AI, rather than getting caught up in divisive arguments over less fundamental matters.

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