How to market products to children?


The has discussed the topic of marketing products to children, specifically highlighting concerns about the ethical implications and effects of such practices. expresses a viewpoint favoring regulation, arguing that children are easily manipulated and thus should be shielded from aggressive advertising tactics. He suggests that marketing to children should not just be open and unrestricted but instead should be more controlled 1.

, on the other hand, believes that while children are indeed impressionable, the responsibility of shielding them from manipulative advertising ultimately falls to the parents. He stresses parental responsibility in moderating what children are exposed to and educating them about advertising 1.

Regulating Advertising to Children

Sal and Adam discuss whether advertising to children should be regulated. Sal argues that children are easily manipulated and advertising to them should be strictly prohibited, while Adam believes it's the responsibility of parents to police what their children are exposed to. They both agree that there should be a market for parental apps and filters to help regulate children's exposure to advertising.

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