What are Electric's growth goals?


Electric's growth goals, as discussed by and , are centered on increasing the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce carbon emissions. They emphasize key objectives:

  1. Tracking Miles: Monitoring the miles driven by vehicles, distinguishing between those driven by fossil fuels and electric power, to measure actual reductions in carbon emissions.
  2. Market Shift to EVs: Propelling a market shift towards electric vehicles, especially for high mileage vehicles such as taxis, cabs, and delivery services, to ensure substantial reductions in carbon use.
  3. Exponential Growth in EV Sales: Achieving exponential growth in the sales of electric vehicles, which increased to 10.5% of all cars sold by the latest data point. This is seen as crucial for significant carbon emission reductions by fostering a substantial change in vehicle composition on the roads.

These goals highlight the importance of not only increasing electric vehicle sales but also the comprehensive transformation of vehicle fleets to electric, capturing high mileage usage especially by commercial vehicles 1.

Achieving Green Mileage

Jason and Ryan discuss the importance of tracking miles driven on the road and the need for electric vehicles in reducing carbon emissions. They highlight the exponential growth of EV sales and the urgency to switch from fossil fuel vehicles. The chapter also explores key objectives for achieving a six gigaton drawdown in various sectors.

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