What is the value of great design?


Great design provides significant value across various dimensions:

  1. Brand Perception and Market Positioning: A strong design can significantly enhance brand perception, making a product or company seem more professional and trustworthy. This is evident from examples like Apple, where sleek, minimalistic design has become a core component of its brand identity 1.

  2. User Experience and Customer Satisfaction: Good design improves user experience by making products easier to use and more enjoyable. Effective design can reduce complexity and make interactions more intuitive, which enhances customer satisfaction 2.

  3. Economic Value and Differentiation: Design is a key differentiator in crowded markets. It can command higher prices and foster customer loyalty. For example, companies like Airbnb attribute part of their success to prioritizing thoughtful design 1.

  4. Influence on Business Success: Many successful tech entrepreneurs with a background in design (like the founders of Airbnb and Pinterest) underscore the strategic importance of design in building and scaling a business. They prove that design-led companies can achieve significant competitive advantages 3.

    The Essence of Design

    Brian Chesky discusses his journey from art to industrial design, the impact of Steve Jobs on design, and the importance of distilling something to its essence in great design.

    Armchair Expert

    Brian Chesky (co-founder of airbnb)
  5. Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Good design can also contribute to operational efficiency by streamlining processes and reducing the need for customer service interventions due to intuitive product interfaces 4.

In summary, great design is not just about aesthetics; it encompasses functionality, enhances brand value, helps in distinguishing products in the marketplace, and can substantially influence a user's interaction and satisfaction with a product. It's a crucial investment that can yield high returns across various aspects of a business.