Here are some podcasts that delve into technology, which might be of interest if you're exploring topics related to Mac computers or general computing technology:

  1. On The Metal

    • Hosts: Bryan Cantrill and Jess Frazelle
    • Focus: A deep dive into the world of hardware engineering, touching on computing challenges, chip design, and the interface between hardware and software. This podcast offers detailed insights into the physical and technical aspects of computing, which may include discussions relevant to Mac hardware.
  2. The Next Great Thing

    • Host: Andrew Greenstein
    • This podcast explores innovations and technological advancements, which could occasionally cover topics related to Macs or computing technology from an industry perspective.

These podcasts might provide valuable insights into Mac computers and the broader context of computing technology, depending on the episodes and specific discussions they feature. If you're looking for particular details about Mac technologies or configurations, "On The Metal" would likely offer more technical insights.