The concept of "blocking" is discussed in various contexts, including time management and technological progress impediments.

  1. Time Blocking in Task Management: explains the technique of time blocking to improve task time estimation. Time blocking involves assigning specific blocks of time to tasks and observing the actual time taken to complete these tasks. This method provides real-time feedback which helps refine future time estimates. Starting with a rule of doubling the estimated time can be helpful when new to time blocking, with adjustments made as one gains more experience 1.

  2. Blocking Technological Progress: discusses the challenges of implementing a global block on certain technological advancements. He compares this to historical reactions to other technologies like nuclear energy and genetic engineering. Hanson is critical of blocking technological progress as he sees it generally as a negative trend, suggesting that the potential of new technologies should be balanced against their risks rather than outright blocking them 2.

In summary, blocking refers to both a practical time management strategy and the idea of hindering technological development, each with distinct implications.

Time Blocking Insights

Michael seeks advice on estimating task completion time. Cal recommends time blocking for real-time feedback on task duration, suggesting a 50% rule for new time blockers. Over time, accurate estimations improve with practice.

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