What has shaped Ashley's career?


Ashley Stahl’s career has been shaped by a combination of her academic background in counterterrorism, a strong personal drive to make impactful changes following significant events, and relentless determination in job hunting. Despite her advanced education and fluency in multiple languages, she started her career as an underpaid administrative assistant during the recession. Feeling underutilized, she utilized her university’s alumni network to make strategic connections, ultimately leading to a job at the Pentagon. Ashley highlighted that her proactive and tenacious approach was key in overcoming these career challenges and getting back on a fulfilling career path [1 ].

Overcoming Career Challenges

Ashley shares her journey from being an underpaid admin assistant to landing a position at the Pentagon by persevering through rejection and self-discovery. Her experience highlights the importance of resilience and confidence in navigating career challenges.

The Genius Life

148: How to Ace Any Job Interview and Land the Career of Your Dreams | Ashley Stahl