Wiki Software


Wiki software enables collaborative content creation and editing on web pages. It was instrumental in the development of Wikipedia, as described by . The concept allows anyone to edit a webpage using simple markup languages without extensive technical expertise. The software maintains a history of edits, making it possible to revert changes if necessary.

, in discussions on various podcasts, has emphasized how the accidental encounter with wiki software shifted the course of their original encyclopedia project to what became Wikipedia. The flexibility and openness of wiki software were key factors that enabled the rapid expansion of Wikipedia's content 1 2.

Moreover, this software model has been widely adopted beyond Wikipedia, with various organizations using it for documentation, knowledge management, and collaborative projects due to its ease of use and adaptability 3.

The Genesis Story

Larry shares the story of how he and Jimmy Wales met and how their common interest in philosophy led to the creation of an open-source encyclopedia. He explains the challenges they faced with Newpedia and how the idea of Wiki Software revolutionized the project.

Modern Wisdom

Why Is Wikipedia Broken? | Dr Larry Sanger | Modern Wisdom Podcast 118