Link between motor neurons?


Motor neurons, which reside in our spinal cord, are pivotal in transmitting signals that instigate muscle contractions, thus permitting limb movement. explains this process by specifying how upper motor neurons, located in the brain, govern these lower motor neurons. Once a movement becomes either reflexive or is learned, the primary responsibility shifts mostly to these lower motor neurons. This understanding is supported by experiments where animals can still perform movements such as walking even after removal of their neocortex, indicating that basic locomotive functions can be managed by lower motor neurons alone 1.

Movement and Memory

Ido and Andrew discuss the importance of small movements in constructing the big picture of movement, and how movement can affect memory and emotions. They also touch on the link between upper and lower motor neurons and the role of culture in movement patterns.

Huberman Lab

Ido Portal: The Science & Practice of Movement | Huberman Lab Podcast #77