In the podcast, "My First Million," the term 'schwag' refers to promotional items or freebies provided by companies, particularly at events like conferences. The hosts discuss the ubiquity of typical swag like pens and water bottles and talk about how it often fails to leave a lasting impression. The conversation suggests that companies should rethink their approach to swag, offering items that are genuinely desirable and useful to create a memorable connection with their audience. Examples provided include high-quality items such as branded Polaroid cameras or cool sneakers instead of the standard, less exciting options. The hosts also mention a company, Swag Up, that has successfully created a business model around providing better quality and more unique swag items 1 2 3.

Better Swag Ideas

Steph suggests that a better swag company is needed, especially for conferences. Instead of the usual pens and water bottles, companies should give out cool and unique items that people actually want to use and remember. She gives examples like branded Polaroid cameras and sneakers.

My First Million

Why You Need a Chief Automation Officer | My First Million #208 with Steph Smith