How does Quince offer such low prices?


Quince offers low prices on luxury essentials by effectively cutting out the middleman in their supply chain. By partnering directly with top factories, Quinсe avoids additional costs usually incurred through traditional retail channels, passing these savings directly to consumers. The prices for items such as Mongolian cashmere sweaters and washable silk tops start significantly lower, often 50% to 80% less, compared to similar brands 1.

Moreover, Quinсe maintains a commitment to ethical practices, only working with factories that uphold safe, ethical, and responsible manufacturing standards. This is complemented by their use of premium fabrics and finishes, ensuring high-quality yet affordable products 1 2.

Affordable Luxury Essentials

Amanda shares her obsession with Quince, a go-to place for luxury essentials at affordable prices. She highlights the quality and affordability of their items, including cashmere sweaters and silk tops, making it easier to put together outfits that make us feel good.


Ep 49: Money Talks with Amanda Clayman