Apocryphal story


The apocryphal story of Thoreau and Emerson at the jail is a well-known narrative that illustrates their philosophical differences. Emerson, visiting Thoreau in jail for protesting the Mexican War, supposedly asked, "Henry, what are you doing inside?" to which Thoreau allegedly responded, "Waldo, why are you outside?" Though this exchange likely didn't happen, it emphasizes Thoreau's commitment to living a life of integrity and challenging societal norms, as discussed in the by and 1.

Thoreau's Walden Experiment

Thoreau's Walden experiment challenges the societal norm of separating work from personal fulfillment. By living with integrity and striving to express his higher self in all aspects of life, Thoreau's actions reflect his belief in the importance of authenticity and self-expression within a society that often opposes individuality.

The Art of Manliness

The World of the Transcendentalists and the Rise of Modern Individualism