Unusual traits


Here are some discussions about unusual traits as highlighted by different experts:

  1. Combination of Contradictory Traits: discusses the importance of finding people with unusual combinations of traits, such as being stubborn yet open-minded and idiosyncratic yet good at teamwork. He suggests that these unusual trait combinations can often lead to significant innovation and change 1.

  2. Nonobvious Traits in Founders: values nonobvious traits in founders, such as a focus on team over product, the ability to make others around them better, and having a rebellious or contrarian streak. He also emphasizes the importance of customer service and the power of apologies in building successful brands 2.

  3. Gamma Waves in Advanced Meditators: talks about the unusual presence of gamma waves in advanced meditators even outside of meditation sessions. This presence of gamma waves, which are typically associated with high-cognitive activities like insight and creativity, is considered a distinctive trait of these meditators 3.

    Unconventional Traits

    Peter Thiel discusses the importance of finding individuals with a combination of seemingly contradictory traits, such as being stubborn yet open-minded, idiosyncratic yet team-oriented. He emphasizes the need for these unconventional qualities in order to drive real change and innovation.

    Conversations with Tyler

    Peter Thiel on Stagnation, Innovation, and What Not To Name Your Company | Conversations with Tyler

Each of these discussions offers a perspective on how certain unconventional and unusual traits can contribute to significant achievements or unique abilities.